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Urban Meyer's advice for guys who want to get recruited: "Own your program"

When Urban Meyer addresses campers, he doesn't give just some stock speech about something like "stay in school and get good grades," he's known to share some really good and noteworthy stuff with guys in attendance.

Almost a year ago to the day, Urban told campers, "I don't care what you do at camps. I want to hear your high school coach say 'Take him."

Earlier this week, Urban shared some more important advice for campers in attendance that hope to get recruited by a program like Ohio State.

According to Eleven Warriors, Meyer started by asking kids what elite teams like the Buckeyes 2014 national title team and the Super Bowl Champion Patriots have in common before explaining the teams that fail have players who don't take accountability for their actions, while teams that take ownership are successful.

Talking about that 2014 team, Meyer said "those kids walked in the hallways like they own it. Like this is their home. You don't let people come into your home and do bad things."

Meyer then explained how he judges a good high school program almost immediately upon walking into it.

"I can tell within five minutes when I walk into a good high school," he said, according to Eleven Warriors. "When I walk in, how do you think that weight room looks? Immaculate. Spotless. The nicest stuff around. Your names on the wall. Coaches have everything organized. Everyone's wearing their high school T-shirts with their names on it. Kids clean cut, look good. How do you think they work in there? Great, because they own it."

So how does a kid get recruited like a program like Ohio State? Well for one, the high school coach needs to give his stamp of approval, and secondly, Meyer explains that they look for someone that "owns" their program.

"That's what we want. We get players like that, there'll be another banner in here. We get that kind of mentality in here... it's hard. It's easy to act like an idiot. Is it hard to be a leader? Damn right it's hard. Is it hard to own it? It is, because it's got your name on it."

"If you come from a great program, you're a great player and you win, your chance of success is great. You come from a lousy program that's disorganized, we probably don't want you. The best leaders in any program are the players, not the coaches ... Own your program."

Head over to Eleven Warriors to read more from Meyer, including the difference between a hole in a wall in his house as a young coach, and a hole in his wall now.