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Urban Meyer: "Schemes don't win games. Dynamic players do"

Braxton Miller

While Urban Meyer's offensive schemes get a lot of the credit for his success, he's also been blessed with dynamic offensive players at every head coaching stop he's had.

At Bowling Green it was quarterback Omar Jacobs, at Utah it was Alex Smith, at Florida he had a bevy of talent with guys like Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin (along with a load of other guys). Ohio State has been similar, with guys like Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, and JT Barrett and Cardale Jones.

While many credit Meyer's offensive scheme at each of those stops, he pointed out in his presser yesterday, "schemes don't win games, dynamic players do."

"Scheme isn't what wins games," Meyer opens up the clip explaining. "While that's very important, it's not what wins. What wins is the dynamic players that touch the ball."

"You can spend all your time on scheme, and sometimes they don't come out and play, so to us what's more important than scheme is who is physically touching that ball. And does that guy have the ability to - like a Braxton Miller, he had two plays yesterday that weren't exactly on the script, but he's a monster.

"So we have to make sure the monsters, or freaks, touch the ball."