Use this video to start a conversation with your players

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A video called #MoreThanMean is making the rounds on social media today, and it raises an important point.

The conceit of the video is that two female sports writers -- Julie DiCarlo and Sarah Spain -- sit across from real men as they read actual tweets the writers have received. The tweets start in "funny mean" territory, the kind you see on Jimmy Kimmel every other week. Then it veers into the perverse and dangerous, as the men (important distinction: the men reading the tweets are not the ones who sent them; those losers wouldn't come within 15 miles of DiCarlo or Spain) become visibly uncomfortable to read the aggressive, expletive-laden filth hurled these women's way.

While, hopefully, none of your players spend their time tweeting vulgarities at female sports writers, this video is an uncomfortable and necessary reminder at the human cost of when men don't treat women the right way.

That's a conversation that, put simply, can not be had enough with the young men in your charge.