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Utah breaks out new uniforms for 2017

Utah had a pretty good look going for itself. Sure, the mountain range on the shoulders was a little too reminiscent of the Karl Malone-era Utah Jazz, but overall there's a lot to like here.

(Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)

(Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports)

So it was a little concerning when Utah revealed on Tuesday it was unveiling new uniforms.

Thankfully, not much was changed.

Gone are the mountains and in is the "Utah stripe," which stretches down to the pants "at an angle that symbolizes the slope of the neighboring Wasatch Mountain range."

"For Utah athletics, Under Armour has previously utilized a mountain-themed design inspired by the Wasatch mountains," said Under Armour senior designer Adam Clement said in a statement. "As we worked to redefine the 'Utah' aesthetic, we wanted to find a design element that felt timeless, versatile, athletic, but most importantly specific to the university. As often is the case, history afforded us our best lesson, and a quick look back confirmed the university already had a dynamic stripe, one that is known by name (the Utah stripe) within the athletic industry. Our efforts therefore were centered around bringing that stripe back into circulation to represent all of Utah athletics, but within each sport finding ways to put a twist on the expected through use of color, angle, and placement."

Utah black
Utah red
Utah white

One quibble: the oversized Block U logo on the black helmets should be applied to the red and white lids as well. Otherwise, two thumbs up -- at the angle of the neighboring Wasatch Mountains.