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UTSA's new gloves are both historically awesome and swag-tastic


UTSA freshman defensive back Michael Egwuagu tweeted out this picture of their newest gloves recently. Come to find out, the "Come and Take it" mantra has a lot more meaning to it than just being another piece of swag.

In short, the "Come and Take it" battle cry is a recognized symbol of Texas that was initially placed on a homemade flag back in the mid-1800's during a battle between Gonzales, TX settlers and the Mexican government. That battle eventually sparked the fight for Texas' independence.

UTSA has kind of adopted the phrase, occasionally taking the field at the Alamodome with their own version of the flag

As far as meaningful mantra's in the world of college football go, "Come and take it", and the history that goes along with it, makes this about as good as it gets.