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Vanderbilt had an email save them from a penalty last night


In case you missed it last night, Vanderbilt's first game of the Derek Mason era didn't go as expected. The Commodores dropped the game to Temple 37-7.

The game also marked a special occasion, as new uniforms were unveiled to the team upon entering the locker room to get dressed. Below is a look at those "Anchor Down" unis, and the players' reaction.

If you noticed, there at the end the team slogan "Anchor Down" was placed on the name plate section of the back of the uniform. NCAA rules apparently state that "a jersey may contain only a players name, the school name, the NCAA logo, sleeve stripes, an American flag, or a logo for a school, conference, mascot, postseason game, memorial or the military".

Whether the phrase "Anchor Down" actually fits in that laundry list of exceptions is a bit blurry, and the referees last night felt that it did not meet the NCAA criteria. The penalty for that? Vandy would be charged one time out at the beginning of each quarter, with the option to (somehow) fix the situation and not be penalized in further quarters.

That's when it looks like DFO Jason Grooms came to the rescue by digging up a documented email from Steve Shaw, the SEC head of officials, who approved the new uniforms for the game. From there the officials had no choice but to backpedal. Here's how it all played out, courtesy of ESPN.