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Variations of the power and power read run schemes to manipulate defensive fits with Jon Whooley

Former Mississippi State senior offensive analyst Jon Whooley joined us Wednesday to talk about variations to the power play.

Whooley has a unique perspective as a coach, having spent his time split nearly in half on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He previously worked with Joe Moorhead at both Mississippi State and Fordham, and also crossed over with Don Brown at UConn as well.

Whooley joined us to talk about a handful of variations to the power and popular power read concepts that they have utilized in his past, and how to successfully manipulate defensive run fits.

Here are a few valuable things I picked up from Whooley.

  • how to invert the power read scheme to manipulate defensive run fits
  • how the backs alignment and initial few steps can really put linebackers and alley players in a bind
  • a tweak to power read that allows you to read the alley defender
  • A few RPO ideas

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Check out coach Whooley's full presentation below.