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Vic Koenning issues an apology

After the events of yesterday, West Virginia defensive coordinator Vic Koenning felt it was right to issue an apology.

Koenning offered the following:

I respect Kerry Martin's right to share that some of my words and actions impacted him. I care deeply for KJ and, when given the opportunity to speak directly, am optimistic we can find common ground. In the interim, I want to offer my sincere apology to both KJ and the entire WVU Family.

I never intended anything I said or did to offend or be insensitive. But KJ's tweet reminded me that sometimes intent is not always clearly communicated. I've devoted the last 30 plus years of my life to serving young men through coaching. I've always tried to see things from the perspective of others. I'm not perfect - but I'm also not the person many on social media have painted me to be. I'm still learning every day and this is an opportunity for me to listen, learn and improve.

Over the past several days, some of our players have asked me why I haven't spoken out publicly against racism and social injustice. Coach Brown and our administration addressed those important issues on behalf of our program and I fully supported their messages - then and now. At the time, I did not see the need to issue a separate statement. Again, I recognize that this only takes into account my perspective and not that of the players I am leading. Of course I stand against racism and social injustice of any kind. I hope my players know that already, but I proudly say it now. There is no place for that any time, anywhere or any place.

I look forward to fully cooperating with WVU's independent investigation by sharing what is in my heart and getting to the truth. I will have no further comment out of respect for that process. We will get through this together and be stronger as a team for it.


Vic Koenning

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