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You never know who is drawing inspiration from your tweets


If you've ever needed a quick dose of inspiration to start your day, you may want to bookmark Virginia receivers coach (and former quarterback) Marques Hagans' feed on Twitter. His feed is full of great stuff.

That's just a small sampling of what Hagans pushes out to his followers, and it's easy to see why he has become known for his daily doses of wisdom. In fact, guys like NFL veteran Michael Vick have taken notice with a tip of the cap on Twitter. Vick gave Hagans a little shout out to let him know that his tweets are making a difference.

This is a great example of using Twitter to make a difference. Coach Hagans, who actually went to high school just down the street from where Vick played his high school ball, has found a way to be a positive role model while demonstrating how to use social media to inspire and motivate followers.

Twitter is a powerful tool that can not only inspire, but can also provide hope, happiness, sadness, and every other human emotion imaginable. Be mindful of what you're putting out there and make sure it's a reflection that you can look at and be proud of.