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Video: "To be a 21st century leader, you must have two things..."

Back in 1991, decorated military General Norman Schwarzkopf gave an address to the Corps of Cadets, and in anticipation of their game tonight against Fordham, the Black Knights made the decision to use audio from that inspiring speech for their hype video.

"What do you say to the leaders of the 21st century?" Schwarzkopf opens by saying. "To be a 21st century leader, you must have two things; competence, and character. You are being taught every day at this great institution how to do that."

"Out there among you are the cynics. They're the people that scoff at character and the people that scoff at hard work. I can assure you, that when the going gets tough, they will not be there."

"Where are the Pattons? Where are the Eisenhowers? Where are the Bradleys? Where are the MacAthurs? They're all gone. We don't have any out there. They were out there, and they are out there, and you will be out there."

"Believe it. Believe it. BELIEVE IT. Because you must believe it if you're going to be a leader of the 21st century."

This is good stuff. Check out the full video.

Believe It.

— Army WP Football (@ArmyWP_Football) August 30, 2017