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Video: A handful of clips illustrate the next-level offensive creativity of Kevin Kelley

Kevin Kelley never punting and always onside kicking gets all the attention, but his creativity on offense deserves much, much more of the attention.

When coaches and fans of football hear the name Kevin Kelley the first things that come to mind are never punting, creative onside kicks, and always going for two instead of ever lining up or the PAT.

Those are just a few of his well known outside-the-box ideas that helped him capture a handful of state titles and ultimately separate himself from the crowd while the head coach at Pulaski Academy (AR).

The wild stuff gets all the media attention, and what often gets overlooked is his ability as a play caller with some really creative scheme stuff where he puts his guys in really advantageous situations.

Now the head coach at Presbyterian (FCS - SC), Kelley - who last week shared how the time coaches spend on blocking and tackling is a waste of time and the real impact can be made with play calling and scheme -  has a much bigger stage to showcase his non-conformist ideas and philosophies.

Through two weeks, facing non-FCS competition in St. Andrew's (NAIA) and Fort Lauderdale (NCCAA), the offense has been on a tear, scoring 84 points in their opner and 68 points in the second game of the season.

Over the weekend, the guys that run the @SyedSchemes found some of Presbyterian's best, and most creative offensive plays from their game against Fort Lauderdale, and every single one of them is worth sharing.

It's going to be fun to see if Kelley can keep this type of production up with FCS teams like Campbell (0-2), Dayton (1-0) on the road before taking on Morehead State at home to open October's slate. Their season finale is against FCS newcomer and former D-III power St. Thomas (MN), which I have circled on my calendar as intriguing match up.

Enjoy these, I'm going to lead off with my personal favorite of the bunch.

Handoff to jet...who throws the bubble after the hang player sets the edge

GT to a WR out of a condensed set

Direct snap GT

MONSTER splits by the offensive line to run tunnel

A hook-and-ladder to the big fellaDouble pass scores

Double pass scores a TD

#93 gets some touches at QB