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Video: A lesson in how to respond to criticism with class

It's been said that, for coaches, there are two topics that every man knows more than you about - grilling, and coaching football.

Whether you're an NFL coach, a high profile or small college coach, or a high school coach in a big or small town, your every decision, especially those made in crunch time, are constantly questioned. Few people are under the microscope that coaches are, and especially football coaches.

Criticism is a part of the job, so if you don't have the thick skin required, coaching probably is not the profession for you. But equally as important as knowing how to deal with it is understanding how you're going to respond to it.

That's where this clip from Saquon Barkley comes in. Barkley was drafted by the Giants with the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 Draft and was one of the most can't miss running back prospects in years coming out of Penn State.

Before their game this past weekend, Barkley was asked about some public criticism from former Giants running back turned CBS Sports Radio analyst Tiki Barber - who still holds a number of Giants records after retiring in 2006. Barber said that he's not sure Saquon can be an every down back because he doesn't have great pass protection skills, calling that part of his game a "liability."

Barkley's answer is a lesson in responding to criticism with class that coaches and our players can all learn from. Catch his full answer in the clip.