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Video: "A letter from coach Beamer" to Justin Fuente

Head coach Justin Fuente stands ready to lead the Hokies out of the tunnel to Enter Sandman for the first time in his career. (Mark Umansky/

Photo Credit: Mark Umansky /

Taking over for a legendary head coach can be a daunting task for some guys, and that's precisely the situation that Justin Fuente inherited when he took the reigns of the Hokie program from Frank Beamer.

Fuente has said time and time again how he plans to keep Beamer close and make sure he's involved in the program moving forward, and today Virginia Tech rolled out a new video featuring Fuente reading a hand written note from Beamer, complete with a reminder from the former head coach with one piece of advice on what that Fuente can be practicing as the season approaches.

(Hint: It involves one of the most iconic traditions in college football).

Normally, with football season just under 100 days away, season ticket commercials can get a bit old, stale, and unexciting, but credit the Hokie for finding a creative way to make this one creative, touching, and out of the box.