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Video: A morning in the life of West Virginia head coach Neal Brown

West Virginia launched a new multi-part series last night where they're taking fans into the life of head coach Neal Brown.

The first installment in the series focuses on coach Brown's morning routine and some of the thoughts he processes before arriving at the facility in the morning.

Brown explains that when he got his first head coaching job at Troy back in 2015, someone shared a piece of advice with him: "You've got to own a certain time in your day."

It's a philosophy that a lot of head coaches share. For Brown, that meant starting his mornings with a devotional and having a few books in rotation. Then his mind turns to what he wants to cover in his morning staff and team meetings before checking the practice schedule over and getting a quick workout in. The quarantine really helped Brown cement that routine into his schedule and he noticed that the routine helped him gain some clarity.

On the 15-20 minute drive to the facility, Brown shares more about the thoughts that have become theraputic to him that he's processing. Those range from difficult conversations on tap for the day with players to their first day tackling and being all together as a staff and team being the next day.

Overall, this is a really good look at a morning in the shoes, and mind, of Neal Brown. Looking forward to future episodes.