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Video: Al Golden explains how to motivate your guys using different uniform colors

As coaches we are always looking for different motivational material for our guys. Sometimes it's a quote, other times it's something new in practice.

Al Golden and his Miami squad have a method that they're using (and it's something that we've touched base on before) but in their latest "Canes Cuts" installment, Golden provides some really good insight into why they've decided to go with a jersey hierarchy system during the off season.

To put it simply, it gets results, and helps to train players mentally and physically.

For those unfamilar, here's the lowdown: Players are ranked into four categories based on their effort each day and are then assigned a uniform color. Those colors rank (from lowest to hightest) white, orange, green, black. The coaching staff uses this to not only send a message on work ethic and "finishing", but it also serves a dual purpose of setting the depth chart going into spring as well because you won't see any players wearing a white uniform on the two deep.

"The idea of fighting for jerseys is really based on supply and demand. It's really just an economic principal, and all we're really trying to do is teach them that, 'Hey, you may be working hard, but in life, and certainly when you're here trying to win an ACC title, the other team is working hard too.'"

"What we're trying to do in the players in create an unconscious response to finishing six seconds, regardless of circumstance. Once they learn that, and put excuses aside, they're able to control their mind, they're able to play faster, they're able to execute...regardless of what the environment is, you've got a chance."

See more on how Golden and his staff set up the system, and how some of their star players have responded to the jersey challenge below.