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Video: Alabama shares the story of Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell

Today Alabama gifted us all an incredible video. Many times this season we've been able to say that a story of football history enlightened us. I've been fortunate enough to write about the Johnny Bright incident, the trailblazer Al Davis, Richard Flowers Jr and more. These stories leave legacies for generations and are talked about decades later. The story in this video shared by Alabama today is no different.

A story of all the things that make football not just a great sport but a fabric of American culture and history, the story of Wilbur Jackson and John Mitchell.

Wilbur Jackson was the first Black football player to receive a scholarship to the University of Alabama. At the same time, John Mitchell transferred to Alabama and became the first Black player to see playing time for the team. Mitchell went on to become the first Black co-captain of the team, then later the first Black assistant coach and the youngest coach to be hired by the tide. He also went on to become the first Black defensive coordinator in the SEC.

Check it out:

This is incredible. Thank you Alabama for sharing this.

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