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Video: Alabama's locker room has undergone some impressive upgrades

Alabama's facilities have been considered some of the best in college football for some time now, and it appears the rich just got richer.

"The best in the country. It can't get any better than 'Bama," one player shared after seeing their new lockers.

Each locker now has a recliner embedded it that reclines all the way back into the darkened locker - making it a prime napping space. Instead of the typical locker room nameplate, or high-tech iPad iteration of it, Alabama has personalized each of the lockers with their position, number, hometown, and their media jacket and tie look on the inside of each locker. Looks as if there is a hidden compartment for some items on the inside of the locker when the chair is reclined as well.

Overall, it's really, really impressive and follows a recent trend of where locker rooms in college football have been heading.