Earlier this week, Iowa defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Kelvin Bell struck a nerve when he spoke out about the plethora of players tweeting just how #blessed they were to receive offers from schools they have no intention of attending.

“If a kid visits here and he has a genuine interest, I have no problem extending an offer. But if a kid just wants to be recruited, nah, I’m not going to appease you. I don’t want you tweet out what you’re ‘blessed to receive,’ if you have no intention of coming here,” Bell said. “You have no idea of what I’m trying to offer you if that’s your motive.”

The epidemic — if you want to call it that — goes beyond that, though. Kids want to mimic what they see older guys do, so commitment tweets are now officially A Thing — for high school football.

The guys at Stuff Coaches Say had some fun with this concept by taking the idea to its logical extreme.

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