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Video: Arby's puts out creative NIL call that they want to pay D-I running backs

The changes in Name, Image and Likeness has been dominating storylines for months now, with a few notable players lining up six-figure deals with brands.

However, Arby's is taking an interesting approach and pitched a video aimed at Division I running backs.

Before we get to that though, can we just briefly talk about the creative genius behind this. Arby's = RBs. The mind behind that deserves a raise.

So Arby's put together a 1:30 clip that starts with "Hey Division 1 Running Backs: Arby's wants to pay you!"

Safe to say that should get the attention of college kids.

Then, a few well-known college football running backs appear on the screen as officially paid Arby's RBs to deliver the details of Arby's pitch. All they've had to do is simply post a video on social media stating: "Tonight, I'm getting Arby's."

They go on to share that Arby's wants to pay "as many Division I RBs as budgetarily possible," with the first 200 eligible D1 running backs through 12/1/21.

The pay day is a one-time deal, and there are a host of other rules and terms and conditions that get covered, but credit Arby's for this unique approach in a crowded NIL market.

Check out the video announcement.