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Attention: P.J. Fleck, Butch Jones and Kyle Flood. You have been called out

The Kay Yow Foundation has come up with a pretty cool promotion to raise both funds and awareness in its mission to end women's cancers. It's called #Chillin4Charity, and participants are challenged to submerge themselves into teeth-chattering waters (and film it), and then challenge other coaches and friends to do the same. The participants then make a donation to the charity, and those challenged either need to participate in the challenge - and, thus, make their own donation and then choose who they want to challenge - or decline and make an even larger donation.

It's like a chain letter, but only for college sports-related charities. That chain ended up at Arizona, where director of on-campus recruiting Matt Dudek took his turn getting cold for a good cause.

Who does Dudek call out? Western Michigan head coach P.J. Fleck, Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood, and two members of the Wildcats' compliance staff, whom Dudek lovingly refers to as "dream killers."

Update: Rich Rod has jumped into the action, and challenges Tennessee's Butch Jones to follow his lead.