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Video: Arizona State shows how you treat a staffer just named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

It's not often that a member of a college football staff is named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but that's the situation Arizona State had happen when offensive analyst Kevin Mawae, a 16-year NFL veteran, was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the weekend.

When he got back to the ASU offices, the Sun Devils staff had a few special surprises waiting for him at his desk that was decorated with balloons and included a custom poster, a cake, and a specially made long-sleeved gold t-shirt with a giant HOF on the back - their unique version of the HOF gold jacket.

The video below was shared highlighting Mawae's arrival back in Tempe, and in it you can see the new Hall of Famer get emotional a number of times, including the moment he runs into his former Jets head coach, now ASU head coach Herm Edwards in the weight room where they share a long embrace. Really a cool video with some really special moments here. Enjoy.