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Video: Army's "Big Red One" alternate unis for Navy game have a ton of details

For a few years now, Army and Navy have done a bit of a back and forth donning stellar alternate uniforms for their historic match up.

As a reminder, here's what many consider Army's best ones (via 2016), and here's a look at Navy's that featured hand painted customized helmets based on position (via 2015).

This year, Army has rolled out "Big Red One" uniforms to commemorate the "100th anniversary of America's First Division helping end the first Great War of the 20th century."

Check out the movie-caliber video they put together to hype the alternates.

Along with the video, Army rolled out a website as well to cover all the details that the new uniforms have, and boy are there a lot. Like the lion you can see on the shoulders.


Head here to see and read more on the new alternates for Army.

Back in October, Navy revealed they'll be wearing these alternates for the game.

 via @NavyFB

via @NavyFB

Which ones do you prefer?