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Video: Art Briles leads a tour of his office


Take a tour of Art Briles' office in Waco here, courtesy of the Big 12 Digital Network.

As Briles explains, his office isn't very big, but it does fit his needs. Really all he needs is a computer to keep on recruiting. Attached to his office is a recruiting room where you'll find jerseys of Robert Griffin III, renderings of McLane Stadium, and of course the 2013 Big 12 Championship trophy.

His office isn't filled with a ton of personal stuff, but it is littered with some solid reading material (mostly autobiographies), and his best memories of Baylor with pictures of first round draft picks, and other keepsakes of some of the best Bear players of the Briles everywhere you look.

Asked if he could take only one thing from his current office if he were to ever move to another location on campus, Briles quickly responded by saying the Big 12 title trophy.

"That's not mine, but I would certainly keep it in safe holding. That's irreplaceable" he notes in the clip.