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Video: Ball State is rolling out four new helmet designs this fall

Ball State equipment manager Ryan McGorry has had to keep four brand new helmet designs under lock and key for a few months now.

But today, McGorry was able to share the new designs with everyone as the Cardinals unveiled their four new helmet designs with this video, taking their total helmet options to six.

Yes. A MAC program with six helmet options. Go ahead and try to count up the number of major college programs that have six different helmet options lined up for this season. You won't get very far.

To go along with their standard white and black helmet options, they've added a camo Cardinal option for their military appreciation game against VMI, a pink cardinal option for breast cancer awareness, a matte black option with chrome red numbers outlined in white (a throwback design from the 1960's), and a "clean, sleek, stylish" white helmet with red numbers on the side outlined in black.

Asked how he expects the team to react to the new options, McGorry replied, "I think they're going to go nuts, really. I think they're going to be pretty amped about it."

Check out some pics of the new looks below.