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Video: Ball State seems to have found the key to having fun in the weight room


Last year, Ball State strength and conditioning coordinator Dave Feeley and his staff stumbled upon a great idea while watching some professional wrestling that prompted them to set up a special WWE themed event for their 90% max squat day. The result was nothing short of epic.

This year, they continued with the tradition of making max-out leg day special by bringing a comic book theme to the weight room. As you can see, the players loved it, and went bonkers.

"There's nothing goofy about putting five to six hundred pounds across your back and squatting it up and down. Why would you not want to have fun while you're in here lifting as hard as you can every day?" Feeley asks.

"Every guy in America squats. Every guy in America benches and power cleans, but it's how they do it and how excited they are when they perform those lifts...that's what really matters."

"It went really good. Our guys got really excited about it, heavy weight got lifted, and a lot of team bonding was going on as well."

Looks like the guys in Muncie, Indiana have found the key to having some fun and breaking up the monotony in the weight room.