Video: Ball State walk-on thinks he’s playing a game show, but gets surprised with a scholarship

Coaches have gotten more and more creative over the years in finding ways to award their hard-working walk-on’s with scholarships, from on side kicking a ball with a message on it like Western Michigan, to incorporating it into a uniform reveal like Notre Dame.

Ball State joined the creative club recently by staging a game show called The Cardinal is Right (loosely based on The Price is Right), and players were called out to come down in front of their teammates and guess a word with the help and instructions of their position group.

Three players went without a hitch, and then walk-on Kyle Seger was called down in front of the team, and that’s where things get interesting.

Watch the team go nuts around Seger after the words flash up on the screen behind him, and then sit in as he makes the call to tell his parents that he’s going on full scholarship.