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Video: Baseball coach delivers a message that all parents need to hear on specializing in one sport, exposure camps, and selfishness


For decades, parents that had players in baseball and basketball have been sorting through all kinds of advice on issues like year-round specialization in a single sport and off season exposure camps while trying to figure out what was best for their son or daughter.

In the past ten years, with the rise of national 7-on-7 camps in football, and a number of websites, camps, and services that promise exposure for young football players with dreams and aspirations of playing at the college level, many of those same issues that plagued baseball and basketball have leaked their way onto to the football landscape.

Hall of Fame coach Steve Nicollerat, who is also the founder of Coach Baseball Right, delivered a really good and brutally honest message to parents recently on those issues plaguing sports to parents in attendance at a recent event that we felt was relevant to share with our audience.

The content contained in the two videos below from Nicollerat is the type of stuff that we - as coaches - need to take note of, and it's exactly the type of stuff that parents want, and need, to hear.

(If the bottom video doesn't show up, click here to see the video)

Every parent and coach MUST see this...what is NOT right about today's game?

Posted by Coach Baseball Right on Saturday, March 5, 2016