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Video: Baylor rolls out the red carpet to provide an in-depth look at ALL their gear options from the equipment room

Since Art Briles arrived on campus at Baylor, the program has been transformed in almost every imaginable way. One of those areas has been how they're outfitting their players with some of the best looking gear in the country.

Head equipment manager Jeff Barlow (who has been with the Baylor program for 13 years) and assistant equipment manager Brett Bufton take you inside the Baylor equipment room for a tour like you've never seen before. Barring a personal tour from an FBS equipment manager, this is as in-depth as it gets behind the scenes.

They cover everything from all the different helmet combinations (including the matte green and gold chrome options), to their nice selection of uniforms, to the cleats and gloves they wear. Sole Access does an outstanding job covering everything you've ever wondered about the inside of an FBS equipment room that has the full power of Nike behind it.

There's some really good stuff here, especially if you're like me and consider yourself a sneakerhead or major fan of college football gear options.