Video: Behind the scenes of Herm Edwards' first day at Arizona State

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Cameras followed Herm Edwards around for his first day on campus in Tempe, in the time leading up to his introductory press conference, and while most of the footage was very typical of these behind the scenes looks, there was one moment in particular that's quite funny.

Keep in mind, Edwards has been away from the sideline for nearly a decade, and a lot in terms of uniform technology has changed since then, so when a Sun Devil employee brought in an Arizona State game jersey, you may be able to understand why Herm was a bit puzzled.

"That a girls?" you can hear him ask, while athletic director Ray Anderson chuckles in the background.

"No, this is a game jersey," the man holding up the uniform responds. "See how tight it is?"

"This is a GAME JERSEY?" Herm asks again in complete astonishment. "That is nuts. I thought it was a girls, or little kids jersey."

Clearly, Edwards is very impressed with the advances that Adidas has made in uniform technology.

See the full video of Herm's first day shaking hands and meeting folks in the video.