Today, at Big 12 Media Day, a few clips of sideline behavior from Dabo Swinney, Dana Holgorsen, Bret Bielema and others were used to demonstrate the type of coaching behavior on the sideline that will now result in a 15-yard penalty this fall.

“Football is an emotional game… they’re going to have to show appropriate emotions on the sidelines,” the Big 12 coordinator of officials added. “As long as the language is appropriate, we don’t have a problem with them sharing their opinion on the play.”

Just don’t come out on the field to do it.

Take a look at the video choices that the Big 12 coordinator of officials decided to use as examples of what they’re going to be cracking down moving forward. Some of these are pretty obvious, yet still some of the situations seem very status quo for a college football sideline.

These examples should show you that if you have a customary “get back coach,” you might want to look into getting another one or two, and you might want to look at guys with backgrounds as bodyguards, bouncers, or security that aren’t afraid to get a little physical to prevent you from costing your team a 15-yard penalty.

…and high school coaches, be thankful that most of you don’t have a camera on you and your coordinators all the time, because we all know we’d look just as silly arguing calls.

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