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Video: Big Ten #ScholarshipAlert at an NFL game

Last night, Mike Locksley decided to take his Terps to the Ravens game as a reward for their focus and hard work during camp. But that's not all it was about.

With a crowd of fans hungry for some football in the stands, Mike Locksley got the microphone and set up the #ScholarshipAlert.

“Our goal is to go out and play with great effort, play with great energy, play with great discipline. That’s are the actions and behaviors you need to be successful,” Locksley stated, according to 247. “I brought Bruce Miller with me, one of our seniors, who our leadership group picked to say a statement on behalf of our team.”

With the team was on the field, senior walk-on linebacker Bruce Miller was asked to read a statement from the team. Miller reads a card or two before flipping to the one with the announcement on it, as seen in the picture above.

You can tell when the camera pans to his teammates, as Miller starts reading, that they have an idea of what is about to happen.

See that moment below.