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Video: Bill Belichick leads "No Days Off" chant at Super Bowl victory parade

If you caught the article from earlier today about Bill Belichick's unique approach to build mental toughness during Super Bowl, that included players doing squats of Bill Belichick had players squatting 80% of their max and going through full padded practices Super Bowl week

">80% of their max, then the following video should really come as no surprise.

During the Pats Super Bowl victory parade today, Bill Belichick took the microphone and led a chant, but before even starting that chant, Belichick noted that this team worked harder than any team he'd ever coached.

"They came to work everyday, and there were NO DAYS OFF! NO DAYS OFF!" Belichick noted before continuing the chant for a solid 30 seconds.

The way players get in on the chant, you can tell it's something they've embraced.

Check out the clip below for the most enthusiastic emotion you'll ever see from Bill Belichick.

Bill Belichick speaks to fans at City Hall

— Joe Giza (@JoeGiza) February 7, 2017