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Video: Bill O'Brien gets after special teams coordinator, has to be restrained

Larry Izzo, a former linebacker and special teams player with the New England Patriots for a number of Super Bowls, is Bill O'Brien's special teams coordinator with the Houston Texans, and the head coach went off on his coordinator during action today.

After having to call a timeout because Izzo's special teams unit only had 10 men on the field, O'Brien came unglued on his Izzo and had to be restrained.

Below is video of the enthusiastic O'Brien.

I'm sure he'll address this incident in his post game presser, or early next week perhaps, and we'll be sure to update with some more context.

Update:Asked about the outburst after the game, Bill O'Brien said "I don't remember that one bit," O'Brien said, per the Houston Chronicle. "I mean I don’t know. There’s conversations that happen on the sideline. That’s just kind of the nature of the game.”