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Video: Bleacher Report takes a look at the coach who never punts

You've likely heard of Kevin Kelley, known around these parts as The Coach Who Never Punts.

Kelley has gained notoriety for his zany strategies -- not punting, kicking onside every time, building laterals into his offensive game plan -- but that infamy has been backed up in reality. Kelley wins games. Lots of them. Pulaski Academy is 80-8 with three state championships this decade, including two in a row.

Kelley is quoted here as saying he'd coach the same way at Pulaski as he would Alabama or the Dallas Cowboys, which is a contradiction of his own previous statements. I've heard him say before, for instance, he only onside kicks because high school kickers can't kick the ball far enough to make kicking it deep worth the opportunity of gaining the extra possession. Perhaps he's changed his mind.

No matter, Kelley is an interesting figure with ideas worth dissecting.