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Video: Butch Jones surprises the Vols with rapper Lil Jon at a team meeting


Lil Jon is, without question, a pop culture icon. He has introduced "crunk," "turn down for what?" and numerous other words/catchphrases into the American vernacular.

Neyland Stadium has been getting obscenely loud this year on third down, in part due to the Vol's decision to play Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" on third downs, with the crowd chanting "Third Down for What?".

Needless to say, there's a mutual admiration between the Vol program and Lil Jon.

As I pointed out in the weekly Twitter 12 Pack yesterday, Butch Jones invited Lil Jon to campus to say a few words to the team, and video has finally surfaced from that interaction.

Just having him talk for 30 seconds gave the Vols some extra juice for practice, which is always good to see.

Nice move by Butch Jones and his staff (who seemed to enjoy the visit as much as the kids did).