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Video: BYU shows off shiny new locker room

The last time the BYU locker room underwent an upgrade back in 2004 The Lord of the Rings was the #1 movie of the year and Usher's Yeah topped the music charts for the longest run of the year. 

In the years since then, the facility arms race of college football has raged on around the country, but BYU's locker room remained largely the same.

After a process that included soliciting advice from current players on the roster about what would be important for them in a new locker room, BYU let players into their new locker room yesterday.

The changes are impressive.

The first few adjectives that came to mind for me were "clean" and "shiny" after seeing the new look throughout the facility. Some really nice details like the iconic "Y" on the backdrop of the pull out for shoes in each player's locker and an action shot of each player above their locker.

One of the more unique pieces of the new locker room is one wall that includes game worn jerseys and other equipment of BYU staff that are currently coaching for the program including head coach and former BYU running back Kilani Sitake and offensive coordinator and former receiver Aaron Roderick.

I imagine that's going to be something unique to BYU that you're not going to see any other locker room in college football. 

Below are a few pictures, as well as a video tour and player reaction video to their shiny, new home.