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Video: Chad Morris offers free rides to class for SMU students

Chad Morris really knows what he's doing. After well over a decade as a high school coach in the state of Texas, and a handful of years running the offenses at Tulsa and Clemson, Morris seems really comfortable settling into his first head coaching job at SMU.

Case in point: "The Mustang Transit Authority Volume 1" video above.

In an effort to build relationships with the student body at SMU, and to show his appreciation for them with another Mustangs home game on the horizon (against North Texas), Morris decided top hop in a golf cart and offer free rides to students on their way to class.

Tip of the cap to coach Morris for this one. It's something every coach with a golf cart and a campus can do to bridge the game between the football program and the campus community.

Also worth noting, SMU is busting out these alternates helmets against North Texas tomorrow.