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Video: Chad Morris stars in "Tempocopter 2"

In a worthy successor to Arizona's Need for Speed video from a couple years back, SMU has cast Chad Morris as an action star to promote SMU's recruiting helicopter -- the Tempocopter.

  • Some, uh, amateur acting? Check
  • Shameless riffing of an iconic film? Check
  • Chad Morris Texas-izing an iconic Christopher Lloyd line? Triple check

Witness the return of

It's that time again! @TempoCopter hits the skies tomorrow night, keep an eye out for the TempoCopter 2 trailer this afternoon!

— #PonyUpTempo (@SMU_Football) October 13, 2016

">@TempoCopter as @coachchadmorris and crew lock down the best talent in the nation! #StangGang17, here we come!

— #PonyUpTempo (@SMU_Football) October 13, 2016

They've even provided a poster to go with the film.