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Video: Check out Alabama's new mobile cool off misting machine

"Built By Bama" has been a phrase coined for NFL players that have been produced by Nick Saban and has staff, but the most recent use of the phrase via social media this morning is a little more literal.

We've all seen those giant misting fans on the sidelines before, but Alabama's Engineering department has taken that concept and made it mobile.

The 13 second clip tweeted by Jeff Allen, the Tide's Director of Sports Medicine, this morning shows off a mobile cool off unit created by the Engineering department and the staff working a camp are using it to cool players.

You can tell the mist is very fine and refreshing because it's garnering no shock or visible reaction from the campers in attendance.

Hopefully they've got a patent in the works because I can think of a lot of college and high school programs that are going to want to get their hands on something like this ASAP.

And...a second video!