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Video: Check out Georgia's new $80 million football facility

Kirby Smart and Georgia have taken their facility to the next level with $80 million in renovations and additions, including the new largest weight room in the country.

Technically speaking, Georgia's football facility isn't all new. Instead they expanded the footprint 165,000 square feet and spent about $80 million giving the Butts-Mehre complex a new feel.

The project has taken a few years, starting with its initial approval in 2019, and the expansion includes a new locker room, 24,000 square foot weight room, a player's lounge, coaches offices and a new recruiting lounge as well.

Coaches officially moved into their new offices in the building back in mid-May, and this morning UGA shared a video tour of the new facility led by athletic director Josh Brooks.

The weight room, which they boast as the largest in the country, has 32 custom Sorinex racks and an impressive 15 foot video board composed of 3 different screens that are capable of everything from tracking player development to showing highlights.

The new sports medicine area is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive in college football, as is the area they have created to show off the equipment Dawgs players get to recruits during the facility tour.

One of the coolest things on the entire tour though is the screen they have that can be both see-through to display the NFL helmets of current UGA alums in the league, with an overlay that can change to video highlights of those players from the previous week, making it a really dynamic and interactive part of the new facility.\

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Take a look around the rest of the facility in the clip.