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Video: Clemson orchestrated a special surprise military reunion for one of their players

Before seeing this video, I could think of only a few instances when a player in pads would shed tears. After seeing what Clemson did for one of their players over the weekend, I added one more instance to that list.

Freshman running back Ty Lucas' father is a signal advisor with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade with the US Army. Cpt. Lucas has served in the US Army for ten years, including two tours overseas in Korea, and he's recently been stationed in Afghanistan.

Ty hadn't seen his father in about nine months, but on Saturday Clemson organized a special surprise to reunite Cpt. Lucas with Ty as the team was coming back to the locker room.

...Lucas seems so locked in, he almost walks right by his dad...

These reunions always have a way of giving goosebumps. Well done Clemson.