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Video: Clemson takes you on the road recruiting with a coordinator

Clemson has utilized their Vlog for a while now to give fans and recruits some behind the scenes access into their program, and their most recent installment has a little bit of something for everyone.

The Vlog starts off with a trip to Nike headquarters in Oregon, where Nike employees give a run down of some of the latest gear that will be outfitting Dabo's team including an in-depth look at their eight shoe options and the technology inside of them.

Then, at about the 14:54 mark, the focus shifts to co-offensive coordinator / wide receivers coach Jeff Scott, who is on the road recruiting and about to leave his hotel at 6am to hit a few high schools.

Coach Elliot shares that he spends about 30 or 40 nights on the road recruiting, and admits to have a pretty good handle on the location of Krispy Kreme's in his designated recruiting areas.

After arriving at one of the schools, coach Scott shares the three essential items he brings into every school with him - 1) a notepad, 2) business cards and 3) camp brochures and information. By a little after 10am, coach Scott has already hit up four schools before he has to head to Atlanta for a flight to the west coast to continue recruiting.

One thing you'll also notice about Scott during his time on the road is that there is very little idle time. While he's in the car he's communicating with the Clemson recruiting department, or checking up on one of his players back at Clemson preparing for an exam, or getting a quick call in to his family at home.

See more from Clemson's visit to Nike and with coach Scott in the clip.