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Video: Clemson takes you behind the scenes of their recruiting process

Few programs have had the type of success Clemson has experienced on the recruiting trail the last several seasons. In the recently inked 2020 class, which spans about 14 different states, Clemson landed six five-star prospects, which includes cleaning up with two of the top three ranked players in the country.

In a video the school shared recently, Clemson pulls back the curtain and gives an in-depth look at their recruiting process, and shows how it is so much more than their unique state-of-the-art facility. It's really about how they approach the recruiting process as a whole.

In the clip, players, parents, coaches, and support staff are interviewed to give their unique perspective on the recruiting process and what makes Clemson different.

One of the things that really spoke to me is how Clemson tries to go above and beyond to find ways to create special memories on a recruit's official visit, especially since most of those guys have already been on campus a few times already.

As director of recruiting operations Jordan Sorrells shares:

"We really try to make those weekends a celebration weekend, continuing to build relationships and to build that family feel. So we do some pretty awesome, and fun things that are outside the box - like having lunch on the Oculus overlooking the Tiger Walk. This year we added in laser tag as a way to compete, because our staff loves to compete, and I'm not sure who loved that more, our staff or the guys."

See the full clip for more from Clemson and their football family on their unique approach in recruiting. Some really good ideas in here that college and high school programs may be able to take advantage of.