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Video: Coach uses Fortnite inspired speech to motivate team

As coaches we're always talking about finding creative ways to connect with, and motivate your players.

That brings me to this clip of a lacrosse coach's inspiring speech to his players during a recent tournament. It starts off like any other inspirational talk a coach would give to his team, but then things take a turn when the coach starts making some references to one of the most popular video games out there today - Fortnite.

The Battle Royale-style game with 125 million total players that has invaded homes and caused kids to sacrifice sleep is insanely popular among high school and college aged kids, as well as the gaming generation of coaches and the game has already infiltrated sports like college football (at Oregon's spring game), baseball and soccer with their unique celebrations, and now it's being used to connect with kids like this.

You can tell from the kids' reaction, they love it. According to the tweet, the team went on to win the championship.