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Video: Coaches, don't ever let your team lose a game like this

Well, this is just heartbreaking.

In a high school playoff game last night in Utah, Spanish Fork held a 14-11 lead over Maple Mountain with just 3.7 seconds left to play, and Spanish Fork had the ball. You don't need a computer to tell you Spanish Fork's odds of winning in this situation were as close to 100 percent as they could possibly be.

Spanish Fork quarterback Jason Money accepted a shotgun snap and rolled to his right. As the 3.7 seconds expired, it appears Money believe the game was over once the clock hit zero. That's the only explanation for what happens next, because Money stops running, and Maple Mountain defender Jason Blanthorn knocked the ball out of his hand, and Brandon Beebe scooped it up and ran it into the end zone.

Final score: Maple Mountain 17, Spanish Fork 14.

Money could have done any number of things to prevent this. Step out of bounds, take a knee, throw it or just punt it into the stands if you're feeling frisky. Instead, Money learned a very, very hard lesson that football is not basketball.

(via CBS SportsThe Big Lead, KSL)