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Video: "Compete With Purpose"

The entire FootballScoop staff has watched the video above from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul (D-III - MN), and while we all found it interesting, none of us really knew exactly what to say about it. Yet it compelled us to think and talk about it.

A few things are clear: this isn't your typical video from a college football program but it is very well produced (by a student at the university), and head coach Kirk Talley and his staff have a clear vision for their program and the demographic they're trying to reach here. Those within the audience Northwestern is looking to reach will love it, and those that don't probably aren't the right fit anyway. But there's something unshakable about this video, part that makes you think to yourself, "Well, that was interesting." It stands out. It's different. Very different, in fact, from much of the market - which is the entire point.

It's really cool that they got actual coaches and players to participate in the video and that they had the courage to plant their flag and say, this represents University of Northwestern football. Compete with Purpose.