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Video: D-III program highlights the spring player experience

Earlham College is a small liberal arts college located in Richmond, Indiana that may not have the same tradition-rich football history as some of their counterparts, but that soon may change under head coach Neil Kazmierczak and his staff.

Kazmierczak came to Earlham during the summer of 2012, fresh off an appearance in the NAIA semifinal game while he was with Marian University as the team's pass defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach. He assembled a staff with a tall order of turning around a college program that had gone 0-20 over the past two seasons. Since that point, the Quakers have managed to double their win total from year one (1-9) to year two (2-8), and the future looks bright for the program.

In order to draw the attention of high school recruits around Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and beyond, the staff put together this video to highlight the experience and mindset of their players during a spring season.

They managed to do a great job highlighting their player experience, and put together a product that will draw the attention of players looking to compete at the small college level.

To open the video, the following text is shown, and further illustrates that coach Kazmierczak and his staff just "get it":

"Building a winning program is always a challenge. The new coaches we've hired, the new stadiums we've built, the fancy gear and uniforms we've bought...ultimately don't matter. It's about the athletes and the responsibility they take for turning the ship."