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Video: D-III team pulls off the outside zone-reverse-flea flicker-360 for a TD


Just when you thought you saw the best D-III play of last weekend, this crazy play comes to our attention from the Huntingdon College (D-III - AL) game against Christopher Newport (D-III - VA).

A few days ago, I may have prematurely named the play of week as the Morrisville State hurdle, prior to seeing this clip. I'll let you be the judge now to hand out the unofficial Play of the Week title. named this one their play of the week. I'm sure the play call came in much simpler than "outside zone-reverse-flea flicker-360", but that's what I'm calling this gem for now.

Just when you thought this one couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous (especially after the no-look flick back to the quarterback), the Huntingdon (D-III - AL) receiver spins 360 degrees in the end zone to shake a defender and gets his head around just in time to make the catch for six.

You're going to want to watch this one more than once.