Some of you will remember last year, at the Chick-fil-A Peac Bowl celebrity golf tournament (an event that a number of high profile college football coaches happily take part in every off season) Dabo Swinney got pranked with the old exploding golf ball trick.

Below is a clip of that moment.

Today, Dabo decided to get new Florida head coach Dan Mullen with the same prank at the annual event.

The clip shows Dabo sneaking in to switch out the balls while Mullen wasn’t looking and the expression and slow-mo replay of Mullen’s swing and reaction is priceless.

Mullen’s explanation was equally as hilarious.

“Hey. You know what’s so funny? I was like ‘that doesn’t look like my ball on there,” but I don’t have the discipline to step off the tee box.”

Morale of the story here – If it doesn’t look like your ball, trust your gut because something is probably up…especially if you happen to somehow find yourself golfing with Dabo.

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