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Video: Dan Campbell shares "adversity is just a word" that has no actual power with Ford plant workers

Last night, I saw a number of people share comments on a clip of a talk by first-year Lions head coach Dan Campbell directed at a handful of production workers at a local Ford plant.

Most of those comments were raving about Campbell's message and ability to motivate.

Speaking to a crowd with a lot of pride about the city and the work they do, Campbell (a former Lions tight end who speaks fondly about his time with the franchise as a player), he hit all the right notes.

"Anybody who is an outsider, who looks from the outside in, the first thing they think about is 'What you shouldn't' about Detroit. Because they don't know. They don't know shit about it."

"Adversity is just a word. It's not something that holds you back, it's not something that keeps you from doing what you want to do, but to me, that is this community."

"This is a place where you want to raise kids. It's a place, where, man, if we can ever create a winner - which is the whole idea and is why I'm here."

"But man, I will do everything in my power, and so will my staff. Who, by the way, is a kick-ass staff that I believe in these guys with everything in my heart, we will get these guys to fight their ass off until the end, I know that. We will try to put ourselves in the very best position to win at the end of a game. That is the idea."

Hearing Campbell talk, it's not tough to see why so many fans are drinking the Honolulu Blue Lions Kool-Aid.

The ending of the video may be my personal favorite part, as he asks those in attendance to sign a hat for him to put in his office, "as a reminder".

The new clip below from Inside The Den that was released yesterday highlights that talk with the Ford workers. Take a look.